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Stationery Paper Basics

With so many papers available, how do you decide what papers to specify for your business stationery? Here are a few basics to keep in mind. For more advice, talk to one of our customer service representatives. We're experts at choosing the perfect paper for every job.
  • Start with the basics. Letterhead is typically printed on an uncoated, 20 to 28 pound bond paper. For business cards, consider an uncoated, 80 pound cover stock. If your design includes photos or other fine touches, choose a coated stock instead, for better print quality and clarity.

  • Know your limitations. Check your office laser or inkjet printer's specifications before selecting a stock. You don't want your letterhead's weight to exceed the limitations of the office equipment you plan to use it on.

  • The color of paper you select will affect how inks appear when printed on it. Even different shades of white can affect print quality in different ways. Make sure you select a paper that will complement the ink colors needed for the design.

  • In the same way, it's generally a good idea to avoid darker colors or distracting background images. Otherwise, your correspondence may be difficult to read when printed on your letterhead.

  • Study the samples. All of the major paper companies provide sample books filled with examples of the various papers they have to offer. Many even show how different inks appear when printed on the page. Visit our print shop to take a look at these sample books and to get our advice for selecting a paper that's right for you.

Designers' Stationery: How Designers and Design Companies Present Themselves to the World
by Roger Walton (ed.)

Ever wonder what masterpieces the world's top designers create when the client they're designing for is themselves? Editor Roger Walton provides an answer in Designers' Stationery: How Designers and Design Companies Present Themselves to the World.

In the book, Walton explores some of the most outrageous and creative stationery designs in use today. Each is presented in vivid color, with full credits and related information.

"Letterhead and stationery are key components of any company's visual identity," Walton writes. "When the company's activity is design, stationery assumes a particular importance because it showcases the stylistic approach and taste of the designers involved."

Designers' Stationery comprises some of the very best examples... and demonstrates how diverse, strange, obscure, and beautiful this simple and timeless form of communication can be.
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